The Most

Never too
Make time
to say so
in the way you can

Mind wanders a moment
coffee sips
and there she always is
The most

Let her know.


Can’t say
who those
who know

Peculiar all

the things that we do for heaven’s sake

This day comes around
and goes around

All that I’ve felt is
all that I ever will feel
Every time I look

Give Me Fire

Sitting room
stable light lest
mornings eased in
I love these, me and the ghost been waiting for he says

So much for we jest

And needing and
Lightning that will strike
Say blacken the veins
Solace in this thunder counting closer
Each and every night

What a soul needs is fire
Broken reins to start each morning
Over-easy burning sun
So eyelids closed see red

All of that in the coffer
Said every man ever
In one slow moment or another
Never to his mother

Maybe a whisper in a nurse’s ear
Or a carpet
Just before it’s done

Say this loud, and now

Give me fire
Broken reins
Burning sun

Just Cause

You told me you needed something in August
And here it is
We are

Let us talk about her

Her come running
Just like she said
And she did

She gets flowers for the table
just cause
And breathes little fires into everything she does

I’ll remind her of it
And why it never gets old

The outskirts of her eyes in the morning
When I look at her and I see the day before

And I know that by tomorrow
I will love her even more

Sinking Up (Demo) by C. A. McNulty

Years Of The Snake And Posthumous Cock

Years Of The Snake And Posthumous Cock

So Much More Than This

Coffee and dishes
Knees for the kneeling

Metal box

"What would you wish for
if you had one more wish?”

"Just what you live for.
So much more than this.”

Resonating green gates


Through Every Shade Of Blue

She is the deepest breath
drawn and held
as you make-believe
through every shade of blue
that you don’t need her
right now
breathing into you

C. A. McNulty is a visual artist, musician, songwriter and producer. He does a little of this and that, while desperately trying to avoid the other thing.

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