Just Cause

You told me you needed something in August
And here it is
We are

Let us talk about her

Her come running
Just like she said
And she did

She gets flowers for the table
just cause
And breathes little fires into everything she does

I’ll remind her of it
And why it never gets old

The outskirts of her eyes in the morning
When I look at her and I see the day before

And I know that by tomorrow
I will love her even more

Sinking Up (Demo) by C. A. McNulty

Years Of The Snake And Posthumous Cock

Years Of The Snake And Posthumous Cock

So Much More Than This

Coffee and dishes
Knees for the kneeling

Metal box

"What would you wish for
if you had one more wish?”

"Just what you live for.
So much more than this.”

Resonating green gates


Through Every Shade Of Blue

She is the deepest breath
drawn and held
as you make-believe
through every shade of blue
that you don’t need her
right now
breathing into you

Without Question

She asked me which was worse a hell,
the bottle or our time in black.
Without question, dear, the latter.
The bottle never loved me back.

My Beautiful Ghost

Through motions down the darkest hall
Wearing white sheets
clean and pressed
She slips right through the bedroom wall
Falls asleep on my chest



Little White Birds

Strung out and slender
Silk and lace
Stolid white horses
Strewn about the place

Calliope’s wild
on a one to ten
Penny-wise hearts
together again

So close I can feel
black and blue
beaten through the chest

So close I can hear
those little white birds
squalling from her dress

Take flight
little white birds
and bring her back to me

C. A. McNulty is a visual artist, musician, songwriter and producer. He does a little of this and that, while desperately trying to avoid the other thing.


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